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Monstermedia - GroundFX

GroundFX - Virgin Megastore

Monstermedia - GroundFX


GroundFX and our full-lineup of GestureFX® interactive visual display systems project dynamic multi-media images, special effects, games, advertisements and logos onto any surface such as floors, tables, bar tops, countertops and windows. Imagine stepping onto a rippling virtual pond, where fish intelligently respond to your every movement by swimming away when you get too close. Gesture-controlled displays, signs and surfaces make for show-stopping advertising and entertainment. More than 70 eye-catching applications and games come with GestureFX or can be customized by us or by you.

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View video of the complete GestureFX product lineup
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Childs Play - WallFX

WestGate Escambia - WallFX

Stop people in their tracks by projecting dazzling special effects onto any wall or vertical surface.  A dynamic, full-body interactive wall experience where the user controls interactive effects, advertising and games with simple hand and body motions is a definite crowd pleaser in location-based entertainment facilities, retail venues and public spaces.

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View Proctor & Gamble Video View Proctor & Gamble Video
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GM Epcot EVO - The Lift W Hotel


ScreenFX displays utilize a patented, camera-based system that actually looks out at the surrounding area and reacts directly to movement.  Customers can't ignore digital signage that tracks their gestures and creatively responds with dazzling effects.  As people pass by the dynamic and engaging ScreenFX display, they instantly notice their movement magically creating stunning changes to the graphical content.

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View EVO Video View the EVO Installation Video
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Inwindow Interactive Window and ScreenFX - Scion Inwindow Interactive Window and ScreenFX - iShares

ScreenFX® on Store Front Windows

Great on store windows, ScreenFX creates head-turning interactive gesture controlled advertising displays on store windows. Many successful companies such as Inwindow Outdoor and Monster Media have used ScreenFX technology in their digital signage displays.

View Scion Video View Scion Video
View iShares Video View iShares Video
View Coraline Video View Coraline Video

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BarFX BarFX TableFX

TableFX turns an ordinary horizontal surface into an interactive table, bar or countertop, projecting incredible interactive advertising, games, images and special effects for the enjoyment of patrons.  With effects similar to GroundFX, TableFX is perfect for nightclubs, restaurants and location-based entertainment venues. Tables can also be delivered with multi-touch capability, for collaborative and multi-user experiences.

View TableFX Video View TableFX Video
View TableFX Video View Stars Round Table Video
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The Cube

The Cube


The Cube™

Looking for a compact, turnkey, ‘plug and play’ interactive display unit?  The Cube projects an interactive 5’ x 4’ diagonal display onto floors and even walls. It’s portable, less costly than a permanent component system, and comes with the same great GestureFX applications and games.

The Cube Video View Cube Video
Benjamin Moore View Cube Reseller Video
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LCD multi-touch table and panel

GestTable™ 42” Multi-Touch LCD

This turnkey, portable multi-touch table has a high definition 42” LCD screen, with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels and a 16:9 aspect ratio. The reliable tracker is more capable of handling many harsh conditions. Modularity enables large images to be presented on multiple screens. Spill-proof and scuff-resistant, this durable unit is suitable for restaurants and bars. The system is compatible with the Microsoft Surface® Toolkit for Windows Touch. It also supports Windows 7 HID and TUIO output.

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T-MobileMulti-Touch TableNY Table

Illuminate Multi-Touch Table

Our award-winning multi-touch technology lets one person or multiple users interact with multi-media content, access corporate information, play games, create special effects, manipulate art and photographs and view advertising – using two-hands to control content with either touch or point gestures. The table comes with 30”, 40” or 55” screens or can be customized in any shape or size.  The system comes with a wide selection of incredible effects and applications. NASA, the Official New York City Visitor Center and Medtronic are just a few of the renowned organizations who have used our cutting-edge multi-touch technology. LDC and object recognition are available.

Multi-Touch Video View Multi-Touch Table Video
NYC Visitors Center View New York City Visitors Center Installation Video
Seeper Video View Multi-Touch Video
Multi-Touch T-Mobile Stores View Multi-Touch Table in T-Mobile Stores 
Read Illuminate Multi-Touch Table Brochure Read Illuminate Multi-Touch Table Brochure
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Illuminate Display

Illuminate® Display

The Illuminate Display provides a clear, seemingly invisible floor-to-ceiling interactive display surface to navigate traditional multi-media with touch-free interaction. Breathtaking interactive content can be projected onto panels or windows.  Images appear to be magically floating in thin-air, with no screens or hardware to be seen.  The effect is unforgettable as the display reacts to every point of your finger and wave of your hand.  We also offer custom multi-touch solutions for vertical surfaces such as storefront windows.

Illuminate Display Video View Illuminate Display Video
Illuminate Surface Series View Illuminate Surface Product Suite Video
Illuminate Surface Series View Telefónica Vertical Multi-Touch
Telefonica Multi-Touch Storefront Window View Telefonica Multi-Touch Storefront Window
Medtronic View Medtronic Custom MultiTouch Wall
Medtronic Read Illuminate Display Brochure
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ScreenXtreme ScreenXtreme ScreenXtreme ScreenXtreme


ScreenXtreme revolutionizes public space advertising and entertainment.  This immersive interactive digital signage and display solution transports people’s real-time images right into the heart of a digital display, advertisement or computer-generated environment.  People see themselves onscreen as they control dynamic images, advertisements, games and special effects.  They become completely engaged in an immersive full-body experience as they interact with the onscreen content.

View ScreenXtreme Product Video
View Musgo Video View Musgo Video
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Hitachi Using GestTrack3D 3D Depth Tracking

3D Depth Tracking


GestureTek is proud to announce the launch of its GestTrack3D SDK, the only patented 3D gesture control software available. GestTrack3D lets you control interactive displays and digital signs from a distance with hand and full body gestures. Navigate "Kinect™-like" 3D game worlds. Interact with virtually any computer system without ever touching it. GestureTek, the inventor and multiple patent holder of video gesture control using 2D and 3D cameras, introduces GestTrack3D, our patented, cutting-edge, 3D gesture control system for developers, OEMs and public display providers. GestTrack3D eliminates the need for touch-based accessories like a mouse, keyboard, handheld controller or touch screen when interacting with a PC or interactive display. Working with practically any 3D Depth camera it can precisely measure the location and trajectory of people's hands or body parts, GestTrack3D's robust tracking enables device control through a wide range of gestures and poses. GestTrack3D is the perfect solution for accurate and reliable off-screen computer control in interactive environments because the user does not have to stop be measured or calibrated with the system, but instead can walk up and begin interacting right away.

GestTrack3D Hand Tracker

The GestTrack3D Hand Tracker drives touch-free cursor control on Windows-based applications by measuring the position of a user's hand(s) within an adjustable volume and distance from the camera. The tracker can follow one hand or two hands to create a multi-touch mode, and can track up to ten hands simultaneously, best from a distance of up to two meters away (camera-dependent). It also includes a library of one-handed and two-handed gestures and poses.

GestTrack3D Multi-Tracker

The multi-tracker detects multiple data points on the user's body (head, torso, hands) enabling the creation of immersive full-body representations and aspects of avatar control. The tracker can recognize circle and swipe gestures and can support activities such as scrolling, enlarging, shrinking or rotating items. Tracking gestures have been used to control 3D navigation, as well as joystick, driving and drumming simulations.

View GestTrack3D Tracker Video
View GestTrack3D Hand Tracker Video
Read the GestTrack3D Brochure
Read the GestTrack3D White Paper
Read the GestTrack3D Press Release
View GestTrack3D Being Used to Control PowerPoint in Complete TedX Talk
View Universal Studios 3D Vision Wall Video
View Sprint 3D Digital Signage Video
View the Beijing Olympics Installation Video
Read the 3D Vision Brochure
GestTrack3D Handout
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GestureXtreme 1

GestureXtreme 2

GestureXtreme 3

(Note, this product is being phased out and replaced with The ScreenXtreme immersive display solution)

The GestureXtreme virtual world gaming experience transports your image into a computer-generated landscape.  See yourself onscreen as you maneuver a thrilling adventure simulation or interact with onscreen characters and objects in real time.  Your body motion controls the program, giving you an unencumbered full-body immersive experience.  GestureXtreme works with or without green screens, so you can install it nearly anywhere to deliver a “Wii-like” gaming experience with no special gear or equipment required.

GestureXtreme Video View GestureXtreme Video
GestureXtreme Product Brochure View GestureXtreme Product Brochure

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SKIN Multi-Touch 1 SKIN Multi-Touch 3 SKIN Multi-Touch 2

SKIN Multi-Touch

Skin Multitouch, is a Patent Pending projected capacitive multitouch technology that can be applied on non-conductive surfaces and turn them interactive to more than two simultaneous touches (versions with 6 or 12 multi-touches at a time).

This is a bendable and transparent surface, which means that it can be applied not only in flat but also in curved surfaces. Despite being bendable and flexible, this multitouch technology is very resistant and robust because it is applied on the side of the surface opposite to the one you touch, therefore there is no abrasion from prolonged use. This also allows for more product design creativity because the multitouch surface can be totally flat and up to 100” diagonally.


Transparent and bendable multitouch technology. Excellent accuracy and response. Made to use with LCD/LED or Projection. Multitouch detection is not affected by change in lighting conditions. Very lightweight technology, easy and cheap to ship to any location in the world. Works through up to 20 mm glass. Finger, gloved finger and capacitive pen inputs. Sizes: 30" to 100". Aspect ratios: 4:3 and 16:9 . Two units can be applied to the same glass (e.g., side by side). Permanent and removable adhesives. Windows 7 Touch Gestures support. No need for SDK or any other software development. Palm rejection capability. Define touch area (edge rejection capability).

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Multi-Touch Overlays

Multi-Touch G4S

PQ Labs G4 Series Multi-Touch overlay goes far beyond finger-width frame products launched 2 years ago. With its incredible coin thickness and near-flush surface design, G4S offers you elegant and accurate touch experience both for integration and standalone use.


  • Thinnest Touch Overlay Ever
  • Sample rate up to 200 fps
  • PQ Labs Patented Ultra-Smooth Glass
  • Built-in IPX4 Waterproof (no extra charge)
  • USB Powered

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